Monday, 14 November 2011

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Pregnancy Three? Four Weeks

I am currently four weeks pregnant.  I am feeling worse than the shorter pregnancies but better than the previous hyperemesis pregnancies so I am hopeful that a) the pregnancy will last long enough and b) I will not be as ill as I was last time.

So far the times I have felt the worst have been when J was over an hour late making breakfast on Saturday morning and when I walked about 100 metres from the car to church on Sunday morning.  I find standing makes me feel much worse so I did not stand for the singing at church and abandoned attempting to sing half way through the first song.  After the service, J went and drove the car up to the chapel to pick me.  If I wanted to I could actually do all those things but I can tell how much worse they make me feel and knowing that it has a cumulative effect I know it is not worth it in the long run to make myself do things that make me worse just because at this stage I'm not actually being sick.  Next week we will only go to one service as it was definitely a mistake to go to two.

Aside from the usual pregnancy multivitamin, I am taking B vitamins, homeopathic remedies, an anti emetic and other supplements such as ginger capsules.  I am wearing sea bands and to make sure I eat/drink frequently enough I have three meals, three snacks and twelve drinks per day scheduled (along with all the things I'm taking) on my iPod.  J gets up at seven and gives me drinks and breakfast in bed before he goes to work and I get up at 8.30 when he goes out.  I have a two hour rest in bed in the afternoon while A has quiet time and aim to be in bed around nine in the evening.  I made and froze lots of dinners before I was pregnant so J gets one out and puts it in a bowl in the fridge the evening before so that I can just pop it in the microwave when he is due home.

So far the plans/preparations/reorgaqnisation I have done mean that although J has taken over some of the things I usually do his workload is not dramatically increased and he still has time to spend with me.  And although I am not able to take her out, A can play in the garden and I am still able to do all the usual "school" type things with her.

So far so good.  I am really hopeful that by taking pre-emptive medication and doing everything possible that might help pre-emptively rather than reactively I will be less ill.

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