Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Pregnancy 3 - The First Trimester

Not long after my last post my nausea disappeared completely. I stopped everything I was doing to minimise/avoid/control nausea/vomiting and the nausea did not return even though I was continuing with my normal everyday life so I assumed the worst.

About a week later (5 1/2 weeks) I came down with the flu and ended up in bed and throwing up right about when I had in my previous HG pregnancies. After a week all my flu symptoms had gone except the vomiting. Initially I thought it was just in my head because of associating pregnancy with being sick but when it started to get worse after almost another week I realised it had to be pregnancy sickness and resumed taking all the medicines/supplements.

Once I started taking everything again I improved a bit and settled into a pattern where maybe once a week I kept all meals down and the rest of the time it was 50/50 whether I kept down one or two. In the first 2 1/2 weeks of sickness I lost 5lbs followed by 1lb in the following week after which my weight stabilised. After Christmas I had a few better days without being sick before getting worse again (nausea almost as bad as the worst bit but actual vomiting less). Now at 11 weeks it seems to have settled down to an average of once a day but ranging from zero to three.

Summarised like that it doesn't really sound that bad. Indeed it's been my best pregnancy so far and having not ended up in hospital due to out of control vomiting I did wonder whether it was legitimate to call it an HG pregnancy. But thinking about it, I'd say it is an HG pregnancy - it is just controlled this time. Although I don't have the out of control vomiting or excessive weight loss, it's not really normal morning sickness when you have had to stay in bed pretty much doing nothing (in addition to all the medicine) in order to achieve that.

I'm convinced that the early disappearance of nausea and how much better this pregnancy is (eg I can drink water, dress and bath myself and stayed out of hospital) are down to the different medication. I am also hopeful that this means I will improve enough to be able to resume some of my normal life during my pregnancy. Which not only would be quite nice as sitting/lying about while your life passes by isn't much fun but would make life easier for J as he wouldn't be having to do everything I usually do AND look after me AND do his normal job.

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