Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Pregnancy Three - Twelve Weeks

Today while J and A were out I went downstairs and cut, buttered and ate a slice of (homemade!) bread. Okay the bread was out on the worktop unbagged because it was fresh and I left the dirty knife on the worktop so it wasn't as much work as it should have been but still, I did it myself

This is exciting for two reasons: 1. In previous pregnancies I couldn't eat HM bread and 2. I would never have gone to such extreme lengths to get food for myself.

Although still limited relative to normal, there are a number of significant things I can eat this pregnancy but couldn't in the others. In addition to the HM bread (I only had a short phase of being unable to eat it) I can drink water and I can eat sweet things. In previous pregnancies just the mention of many sweet things made me feel like I might throw up so it is very nice not to have that. Also it is rather useful to be able to drink water (in my first pregnancy I was worried I'd never be able to drink it again) and I'm sure the ability to drink water has been a big factor in my staying out of hospital this time.

I actually feel well enough to possibly start "getting up" routinely now (ie spending my days in an armchair downstairs instead of in bed upstairs) but as I have my "booking" appointment with the MW on Tuesday I think I should save my energy for that and start getting up once I have recovered from it.

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